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Welcome to my TV Game Show site. I'm still learning about html and don't really know yet how to add graphics and sounds that you might see on other pages, but I have several interesting features below that are regularly updated, so please keep checking back.

Were you a contestant on a game show? Did you work behind the scenes on a game show? I'd love to hear from you. Or, do you have any interesting game shows on DVD or videotape that I don't have? Would you like to add to your collection? Maybe we could do a trade. Please e-mail me and we'll see what we can work out.
I always try to answer e-mail promply but if I don't get back to you for a while it's because I'm very busy and haven't been able to. Usually I can respond within a couple of days.
Also, I prefer to trade on DVD and usually use the SP speed and DVD-R discs.
Please e-mail me here

THIS SITE IS MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION: here please update bookmarks

Episodes: 3045 and counting.
Last updated: January 16, 2021

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Have you ever been in the studio audience of a game show? I was - read about my experiences here: The New Battlestars and here: The Price is Right

ALSO: Everyone's always complaining about the program schedules of Game Show Network - and maybe rightly so. Here is a listing of everything that they've actually aired since they went on the air on December 1st, 1994 - click here: gsn. (Now updated to August 2017) Updates or corrections welcome!

AND: Check out my salute to The Prime Time Access Rule here - a look at all the game shows that were syndicated on a once-weekly basis in the '70s

NEW: Here's an episode guide to Tattletales
Right now only 1974 is there because of the crazy way CBS aired the show the first year. Other years to follow!

Here are links to several other game show sites I like visiting - many of whom I've traded with: Links

Here are the shows and themes I (and probably everyone) would most like to have Most Wanted

I want to thank the following people for trading either game shows, themes, or "other stuff" with me since November 1996:

Justin Dyer, Mandel Ilagan, Brendan "Beatmaster" McLaughlin, James Locklin, John Ricci Jr, Jake Tanner, Brad Francini, Matthew C. Sittel, Matt Scott, Chuck Donegan, Marc Green, Chris Lambert, David Hammett, Adam Marchese, Jason Bereza, Jon Hobden, Chris Jaunsen, Brian Dominy, Mike Dudas, Paul "the flea", Jeff Jones, Tyshaun Miles, David Rigsby, Charles Atkins, Thad Dixon, Matt Kaiser, Jamie Schmidt, David Zinkin, Greg Diener, Adam Wurtzel, James Fabiano, Jared Rainer, Eric Duncan, Gordon Michael, Ron S. Kitts, John Berkebile, Anthony Evans, Mark Sinsabaugh, Stephan Mynarkiewicz, Steven Thomas, Mark Raby, Victor Mascaro, Brett Odom, Joe Maloney, Mark Simpson, Tom McCartney, Dan Sadro, Charles Hodges, John P Johnson, Peter Harris, Kris Lane, Mitch Groff, Brad Jaufmann, Mort Shuman, David Frangioso, Brendan Mullarkey, Greg Duncan, Marc Power, Lee Withers, Chris Wannagat, Corey Bryant, Brian Schwartz, Jason Hernandez, Brent Frank, Joe Raygor, Bob Staub, Brian Bell, Greg Garsten, Paul D, Doug Scherer, Matt Malinoski, Russ Scottfield, Chris Carrion, Jeff Hemelt, Bob Leszczak, Tammy Warner, Lucas Hannon, Anton Spivack, Brian W Moore, Matthew G., Allan Barnie, Rob Wargo, Ryan Vickers, Josh Leeman, Kent Fadness, Kavita Ahluwalia, Matt Ottinger, Seth Trasher, Paul Freeman, Jason Cranmer, Tim Moore, J Feffer, Rachel De La Rosa, Toni Hawken, Mark Selby, John Duncan, Nolan P., Stephen Sepowski, Justin Aldridge, Matt Light, Robert Dahl, Nick Casiano, Trent McSwain, Greg Brobeck, Mitch Weisberg, David Downs, George Anderson, Danny Louis, Jamie Pembleton, Conner Cohan, Michael Gallagher

Please e-mail me if you'd like to try to set up a trade.

Here's what I have to say about another love of mine: vinyl records

In addition to Game Show Videos and Vinyl Records, I also collect TVGuide magazine. I hope to have other features dealing with TVGuides, including channel lineups and such in the near future, but if you want to check out my collection, or have some issues to trade or sell, click here: TVGuides